Wednesday, 11 November 2015

LOVE BOREDOM :Revealing the secrets of true love

Yes,  many of the youngsters living in today's world, the civilised era and the modern society, doesn't believe in love at all and have almost replaced it with sex or time for fun. But is it the right path where the youth of our country is heading towards? After witnessing a number of relationships in the very young age, they have almost made the word love synonymous with boredom. And now most of the youngsters feel or consider relationships as relation shits.

Although while reading the blog it might look to you irrational on my part, yes a teenager speaking about all these things who might not know himself what love is. But after witnessing a number of real life examples and not the  reel life, I have gathered enough sense to write a thesis about it, but this isn't what you really need.

True Love isn't about the Public Display of Affections(PDA's) or Public Display of Fuckups(PDF's). It isn't either about the marriages taking between two individuals in the most luxurious ways. It isn't about spending a 15day honeymoon in London, Italy or Rome. Yes True Love isn't about flaunting at all. And most importantly it isn't about faking love or one night stands. Okay, but what true love is ??, a question definitely prevailing in your minds by now.

But do you really think that a nineteen year old boy can teach you what true love is or what all about it is , or even a 60 year old person can? Well, well, well my friends in that case you are taking it in a wrong direction because true love is something that can't be taught, it can only be felt, so accordingly everyone has their own definition of True Love.

As for me, the very first rule about true love is something far far away from showing off and being unreal. True Love is about loving one another without the need of physical pleasures. It is about showering love on one another, giving surprises, bringing smiles upon each other's face, respecting and supporting each other at every point of time and never leaving one another's side even in the toughest moments of life.

True Love isn't restricted to a particular caste, religion, race of a tribe. It has no boundaries. Money is something that matters but not as much as being together does. It is the trust and feelings of one another that holds two individuals together, who don't fear death and sacrifices, who can rely upon each other. It's about being childish, carefree and crazy with each other. It is all about being genuine, open minded and giving space to one another. Being yourself, being real and being truthful plays a vital role in any love story.

True Love is about accepting a person with all their flaws, weaknesses, likes/dislikes. It is about liking the interests of the person and hating the dislikes. And most importantly True Love is something that is always two sided, it can't be forced upon someone by means of betrayal (forceful acts), misuse of power or money. It is about supporting and loving one another unconditionally.

True Love never dies, it is just eternal. People die but their love stories doesn't . It is almost synonym with the true friendship, that it isn't about who came earlier in your lives, it's about who came and never left your side. And love marriages are about the two individuals from simple families marrying in most simple ways following all the rituals, traditions and taking the blessings from elders, without feeling the need to show off.

True Love is something which is over any other feeling in the world. It is an example of the purest and the most phenomenally beautiful bonds which has ever existed. But sadly 90% of the teenagers fail to understand what true love is and confuses them with the temporarily crushes that enter their lives, hook ups and link ups are often mistaken as true love because of which teenagers have to go through bad times, bear the consequences of breakups either by getting into depression or getting their trust over from true love.

So it's the high time, the youth, the teenagers, must realise what True Love is all about and doesn't relate it to crushes and link ups at all because temporary memories aren't supposed to fit in as a part of beautiful memories. So try getting know what True Love actually means to avoid the consequences and to lead a happy blissful life. Although it will take time to understand what all it is actually but once you get to know it, that would surely be a life changing moment and an unforgettable memory for you.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Revealing the secrets of True Friendship

Most of the people in this world have got friends who will pick them up when they fall, support them if they get distracted or deviated from their paths in life, but luckily we have got some friends who never let us fall. So this is something where I don't feel like mentioning the names of people because all those who have been a part of journey of my life will understand themselves.

As usual, the issues prevail in every other relationship and friendship is one of them and the misunderstandings arrives to check how strong the bond actually is. All those who came in your lives, lived under the name of friends, took your advantage in someway or the other, left one day unknowingly and never tried to reach back, depicts nothing but just a fake friendship is. And yes people out there, surprisingly the worst victims of this disease-'Fake Friendship' are the rich, who now aren't so well off due to some financial losses.That is one of the best times to check, who your true friends  actually are.

And on the other hand, we have got people who never leave our side,always stands with you in every good and bad situation, always there to help you out even in the worst times, motivates you to do your best, explains you like a teacher, plays the role of a guide, a philosopher, a parent, a sibling and never tell something that turns out to be demotivating for you in the long run. These are the ones who never distract you from the path of success, never allow you to get onto the wrong path in life. Yes people, these are the ones who we call our 'TRUE FRIENDS' and they are the ones who 'treat you like a family' - this is where the difference lies.

'True Friends' - Yes a badge, a degree that isn't so easy to earn, you have to work hard, actually really hard, friendship should be the  topmost priority, you should obey your duties and never fail an examination. Yes, people friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds and just like any other bond/relationship, there are a set of duties to fulfil in friendship as well. For all those who are or who have been a true friend to someone will understand about which duties I am talking about.

 And yes there's an examination as well, that is the need of a friend in the difficult times of life and the friend who plays a significant role at that moment is the one who we call a true friend. This is one of the most difficult examinations around the globe since it cannot be cleared just in a single attempt, you have to prove yourself in every other situation whenever the need arises. The levels of friendship are broadly classified as -> ordinary friends, above average friends, good friends, extraordinary friends, best friends, BFF and ultimately culminating upto 'lifelines'.

Although the word friends is almost synonymous with the word 'fun', but in reality the picture is altogether different. Although there's no harm in chilling out with friends, making fun of each other, doing random shitty stuff together, doing pranks on one another, making funny faces, making fun of people. But one must also realise the importance of the duties to be fulfilled, because this is one arena which differentiates you from an ordinary friend from a true friend. A true friend is someone who never hurts you by their words or actions, is always there to stand by you in every ups and downs in life.

True Maturity is understanding each other's point of views, giving one another a definite amount of space, not revealing each other's secrets, listening without interrupting are a set of few necessities that must be present in the bond called true friendship. Otherwise we might just see more and more classical examples of breaking friendship which we usually witness everyday in front of us or in our own lives.

Although it is a sweet bond, where the constraints like 'Thinking before speaking', aren't generally followed and believe me, it isn't even necessary to follow one, since friendship might come with few duties to fulfil but it can never come with boundations since friendship is one such relationship which is by choice and not by compulsion.

Many a times we see that due to one or the other reason, a misunderstanding is created which affects the beautiful bond between two individuals(friends) in numerous ways. And all being teenagers or people from high profiles, one most common scenario which comes into picture is 'EGO CLASHES'. Yes, people EGO is one such thing that is affecting us, it never allows us to admit our own mistakes and we always tend to think that other one is the culprit. We are the ones, who never feel like saying sorry and show attitude for no reason, and that is the point in time when we are heading towards a wrong direction. Just remember people, saying a sorry is never going to lower your self esteem instead it is going to increase love and respect for you in the hearts of the other one and also saves the bond from breaking.

Blaming others is not always the right thing to do, it isn't too late now, just pick up your phone and call all those with whom you aren't on talking terms. So let's keep our ego aside and make the first move. Let's make this world a better place to live for you and for me!!!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

An Untitled Post !!

The overbreezes of my heart,
starts on like the Ancient Mariner.
He the evil killed the bird,
And I the devil killed myself.
Not physically but mentally and emotionally
Just not for that silly girl
Who came to drive over my heart,
And strive all my life in pain.
But for that innocent lady,
who deserves to get my lifetime love
in the last moments of her life.
In exchange of the most precious moments,
that she gave me all her life.
She just not taught me how to stand and walk on my own feet,
but she also taught me how to withstand the adverse conditions of life.
I was a mere beginner in life,
before she stood by me and made me an extremediate.
I often misunderstood her,
but she never undermined herself.
The food she made was scrummy,
just like eating a cake so yummy.
She was always as sweet as honey to me,
and I was all the time cruel to her.
She always wanted to made me a good person in life,
but I always thought it as an interference in my life.
In her last days, she was totally quieten
And her body was weakened.
Her face was full of wrinkles.
Her energy decreased extensively,
And she could barely walk......
Once she was taken to hospital,
Days passed, weeks passed...
And she never came back..
Yes my grandmother never came back...

Note:- Value what you have today because once it's gone, it's gone... No powers can ever bring them back.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Friendly Gods : Another Extract from my life

There have always been a set of people apart from your family who have played a commendable part in your lives, who have set themselves faraway from the category of normal people, because of their deeds, their attitude towards you. They might be your relatives, friends, teachers, seniors, juniors, colleagues or just any random person but they must have played a significant part in your life at one point or the other.

In making you what you are today, in realising all your potentials, in making you an optimistic person, sensible human being and much more. Have always played a role of a guide, counsellor or a teacher in your lives. Just like we know from the very young age that God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers but one cannot simply share everything with their mothers, so god did created few more people for you. Yes he created them and sent them as angels for you, people might call them by any name, but I like to call them as FRIENDLY GODS.

Yes, friendly gods, because for me they are like a combination of God and a friend. Just like a friend can be seen, you share problems with them but every time you can't rely on them to get a solution and  in case of God, he can't be seen but he has got the solution for almost all of our problems. In a similar way, these people can be seen and are the ones on whom you can rely upon every time, who are gonna support you majorily in every action you take or the path you choose. They help you out in every possible way and never stop motivating you for good.

Yes, I call them friendly gods as I had spent the moments of fun and happiness with them, just like I spent it with any other friend. And my friendly gods have always been standing with me in a tough journey called life. These are the special ones who have left a deep mark in my life, by playing remarkable roles in order to make me realise where my talent actually lies, they always believed in me with wholesome trust,showered love on me enormously, never left my side and enabled me to channelise myself in search of a much better version of me.

They have witnessed my best and worst times, happiest and saddest moments, but the moral support from their sides never ended and somewhere or the other it is their blessings and love that has enabled me to reach where I am today and where I would be tomorrow. In every difficult situation, these people were always there to help me out and every impossibility seems possible when people like them are around.

Apart from all this, sometimes moments arrive when they just yell at you, scold you or even make you feel embarrassed, but remember they do that for your good, in order to make you learn from your own mistakes just like parents do for their children. And their main motive is nothing else  apart from seeing you successful, contended and happy.

So, it would just be rude on your side, to overlook these people and not extend the vote of gratitude to them. So this post is dedicated to all those who have played a significant role in my life. So before summing up, I would just like to convey "A BIG THANK YOU,  for being there like always."... 

Sunday, 26 July 2015


Just a set of thoughts to enlighten your lives by means of few words because writing long posts was getting too mainstream and reading them becomes tiring sometimes.


Your  mom and dad love you for no reason, so you have got a reason to love them back.


While some people were busy in making a built for someone whom they have never seen, I refrained myself from talking to her to make one.


Everyone is good at something, or the other, that might just not be your cup of tea. But that doesn't mean he/she do not deserve a chance.


Follow your heart and listen to no one else, because no one can play your role better than yourselves. 


Just for the sake of happiness for those who hate me the most, I had to leave the ones whom I love the most.


Make sure the air you are intake is fresh oxygen and not the fart that comes from someone else.


I am remaining quite nowadays, that isn't because I wish so, its just because the circumstances reinforced me to do so.


Keep quiet and let your hardwork speak up for you.


You have always got something, that can make them feel addicted to you.


Imperfections is always a part of beauty, so more the number of  imperfections you have, more beautiful you are.


There is always someone who enters your life as a stranger and becomes an utmost priority, above everyone and everything else.


While chatting with her, I gave her innumerable hints that she is the special one, she still didn't got that, is she the dumb one or is it me who isn't able to express feelings affectionately. 


Originality might be full of errors or imperfections but it is always better than faking around.


Sometimes, we are just short of words, to describe what all we have been going through.


It isn't about being arrogant, its just about playing with someone's feelings and emotions.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

BELOW THE RED VEIL: Lets unveil the truth

Some people die about a thousand times before their death and shockingly here also the statistics say that the victims are majorly women and this feeling of dying before death, is most of the times due to 'RED VEIL', yes the one which symbolizes the auspiciousness of marriage in a women's life.

Although we are living in the 21st century and thankfully we have won against many predefined norms like the Sati movement or be it the dowry cases, and the education ratio of girls is to boys is also maintained quite fairly, but are women still able to live upto their dreams or is this red veil creating a hurdle in their path and is the reason for the shattering of their dreams.

Although being a part of the modern civilized society, many a times we see that women had to give up their jobs after marrying, just to raise children, do household chores, service to husband and in laws. And as we know everything has a price to pay, yes do u know there is actually a significant price a women is paying for her marriage, no no I am not talking about the father's money or leaving their own homes. But sadly the price is the ability to wish,to aspire, to aim ,to visualize, to be independent, to dream and to fly high.

Don't you think that actually they are the examples of people, who actually die at 25 but are buried at 75. Although living in a civilized era,women after marriage are provided with most of the luxuries and happiness, but don't you think somewhere or the other, they are still the mere puppets in the hands of in-laws. Although a married women is given a lot of importance, respect and honour in family, love is showered all over her, but still... don't you think somewhere or the other, they are tortured and harassed under the family's pressure. they might not feel or take it as a pressure, but don't you think that their lives just gets restricted to their children and families only. They can't take time out for themselves.

Although giving birth to children and bringing them up is an integral part of a women's life, but why all this at the cost of draining her own dreams. Doesn't it feel like stabbing ourselves with a knife. Raising up children, living for them, loving them, getting the love back, obviously gives an immense amount of happiness to a women and it can't even be compared to any other happiness in life, but why all this at the cost of her own dreams ?

It isn't that talking against marriages implies that I am against them, instead it is one of the most beautiful bond between two soulmates, until and unless the bond gets converted to a burden.And believe me for the people out there that stop marrying isn't even a way out, as getting married is one of the most amazing feeling in the world. Don't believe me, ask your parents.

Marriage is not only about sex life. It is the example of the purest forms of relationship between two individuals who turn out to be soulmates, who tie a knot to stay together forever and ever and gets entitled to stay together firm and determined in facing every good or bad situation for the rest of their lives. It is about giving each other a personal space and time, sharing feelings, helping one another and loving each other. And apart from all this planning is also one of the essentials of a successful married life.

Just after marriage, a girl leaves her house and enters a new house as a woman. She commences her married life, with hell loads of responsibilities on her shoulders, tries to spread gaity  and smile, with her ever brightening smile and good nature, makes special dishes for almost everyone in the family. So husbands and in-laws also gets a duty to cover, a role to play and yes that is to stand by her always and support her forever.

Just remember girls, a person who doesn't allow you to stand on your own feet, just don't let him stand by you.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

KNOCK KNOCK: Why don't you show up ??

Just ask yourself have you got any talent to show off, which can enable you to earn money and get fame, then why not show it to the world? Why are you scared of getting on the stage and what are you afraid of, comments from people, what will they think of you and will be making fun of you?, then my friend in that case its the high time you should "STOP OVERTHINKING & START LIVING",before that talent gets ruined.

You have got a passion which you like to change into a profession, then for what are you still sitting and thinking about? Don't care about the world, because people who are against the dream path in life don't deserve anything except the standing ovation of your middle finger.. Don't listen to anyone else and just follow your heart because once a day will come in your lifetime when you will look back or either look at someone and say, 'I wished I could be him/her', but by then the time had gone and yes the time wasted never comes back even for the richest and the fittest.

So, its high time,you must follow what your heart says because no one can play your role better than yourself and why to put yourself in someone else's shoe, when you have got your own abilities that might just enable you to buy a couple of pairs along with the standard bread and butter. Live for yourself, because if someone stops you from doing what you wish, it apparently may be because it isn't their cup of tea or they might have failed in doing so, but that doesn't mean it applies to you as well, does it?

People generally after growing up prospect about their lives and admire, 'I could be this or that', but that is the time when they have lost the will,power,futility,ability and dedication to make that dream come true. All they have now is the fragility in their bones and the ability to get tired very soon by doing almost nothing. And then they are left with no other option except to blame others, that  it is because of them we are like this today or to blame the circumstances that might have prevailed in their lives at an earlier stage, but the result is that they now cant change themselves into what they wanted to be.

But we are living on different terms of life, we are young,we are youth,we have the ability to do better for ourselves and for the world around, People expect from us and we are the ones who have to take up the responsibility of making the world a little more developed,a little more sensible, knowledgeable and a little more practical. And if we don't start working on it today, then my friend it would be really unfair to blame others or the circumstances in the older phase of our lives.

It isn't like that I am being cruel, insensitive or disobeying elderly, instead I am the one whose heart is filled with love, care and respect for them, all I am trying is to chase against the notion of the society that most of the times, remain unchallenged "Babies are born, follow the footsteps of others, and at the dead bed think about a thousand more things/ideas ", but that isn't the right state or frame of time to think so. People generally never try to think out of the box and keeps and keeps on following the path designed for them by someone else, but its the high time now you must ask yourselves and try to find out where do you excel and where you want to carry forward your life to?

At last , all I need to ask is, Will you show up now? Will you put your first step forward now towards chasing your own dreams instead of following the footsteps of others ? 

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


This wasn't the first time, when I thought of writing, the situation arose a many times in my life, whenever i used to feel alone, depressed or sad, everytime i felt like writing but somehow or the other i used to get back the happiness in my life due to one or the other reason. But this time it was something different, the sadness which prevailed in me was changing the circumstances for me, it was making me feel alone, weak and depressed.

Somewhere deep down inside me, I had already quitted and I knew I can't continue to live like this without friends and happiness, and most importantly love in my life. While I was thinking of all this, my eyes fell upon the side table of my room which had a pen and notebook over the top and then i decided to write, yes to write about all the cases, changes and circumstances that took place during 1st semester of my college life.

Yes, many of us thinkwhat the hell a time frame of 6 months can do in anyone's life, I was of the very same mentality as well, unless and until few drastic changes occured in my life. The circumstances that I confronted made it difficult for me to survive in such a place for 6 months(or a semester) and i began to think how am i going to spend four more years of my graduation in a place like this.

Initially everything used to work fine, college life was going and flowing as a college life should. New people, new friends, new places and a whole new level of fun, as we say the college life actually began. And with that smooth college life comes love in most of the cases and so was the scenario that happened with me, I was on the verge of my very first relationship. The bond between her and me was beautifully growing up.Every moment seemed like to be a fairy tale, but then something happened that reinforced to change my smooth going life and yes it was the low graded mentality of few teachers who mistook the childishness in me to the rascality/disobedience. MY whole mistake was that I was trying to create a fun environment in class and I didn't realised when that prank changed into hurting someone's emotions. Yes that was the mistake I did, but I was punished and blamed as if I committed a crime, (PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CRIME AND MISTAKE.) and all the day I thought did I actually deserved that?

And,And,And...It was just the beginning,As goes by the saying ,"Let the college life begin, people will show their true colours." And this was something that I witnessed as well, two of my besties took my girl away, created misunderstandings, never tried to solve issues and left me all alone and miserable. The one who used to call me brother, took my girl away and the group which I created initially never bothered to ask me again and left me all alone.

But as we know, when destiny closes one door, it opens another, so was the change that came in my life and I got new guy friends and I began roaming with them, had new level of fun, life was full of excitement once again and it seemed that life was getting back on track. But as we know, that problems don't go back so easily if it has stricked your door. And then because of that group which left me long back, issues came again in my presesnt life. I used to believe in the philosophy that 'Prevention is better than cure.',so I refrained myself to speak about those issues with them and my guy friends(new group). And I never came to know about how that prevention turned into misunderstanding and my new friends also left me all alone.

Yes, this was the most depressed situation of my life, I have ever been through. I was already feeling miserable of the fact that a teacher pointed on my character and my upbringing for no reason, my group ditched me, my brother took my girl away and now these guy friends also left me all alone. All these changes in my life were making me weak and affecting me mentally and emotionally. I was loosing upon my mental stability and I was getting depressed day by day. The feeling of death often arose in me. And this was not just the end, if something fishy happened in their lives, those people used to think and blame me as I was the culprit. They made fun of me and made me feel embarrassed in every possible way they could.

Then I realised about the balance, yes the rational balance created by God that elders used to tell about, that "You will cry/tear apart for equal time for which you have smiled/laughed." And what next, I was a boy with weak heart, actually very weak. So I started putting up a plastic smile on my face to cover all the unhappiness, sadness and depression in me. But the fake smile or happiness doesn't prevail for long or it is not enough to entertain people around.

Might be now was the time, when God thought of me with consideration and yes God did something fantastic this time, he sent a jewel for me, yes an angel in the mask of my best friend forever who actually served the purpose of an angel or a magician in my life, he turned all my unhappiness into happiness, sorrows into joys. With his arrival, I regained the reason of  happiness in my life. Although our choices aren't a much like, he's actually reverse of me, a year younger to me, likes to stay home and I love to roam everywhere. He's a little too nerdy and I stay away from books. He likes to stay reserved and I am open to all, but all I can say is that I LOVE YOU BROTHER and I am happy just because you are with me.

Thanks for being there always. This college life is just incomplete and impossible without you. <3