Thursday, 16 July 2015

BELOW THE RED VEIL: Lets unveil the truth

Some people die about a thousand times before their death and shockingly here also the statistics say that the victims are majorly women and this feeling of dying before death, is most of the times due to 'RED VEIL', yes the one which symbolizes the auspiciousness of marriage in a women's life.

Although we are living in the 21st century and thankfully we have won against many predefined norms like the Sati movement or be it the dowry cases, and the education ratio of girls is to boys is also maintained quite fairly, but are women still able to live upto their dreams or is this red veil creating a hurdle in their path and is the reason for the shattering of their dreams.

Although being a part of the modern civilized society, many a times we see that women had to give up their jobs after marrying, just to raise children, do household chores, service to husband and in laws. And as we know everything has a price to pay, yes do u know there is actually a significant price a women is paying for her marriage, no no I am not talking about the father's money or leaving their own homes. But sadly the price is the ability to wish,to aspire, to aim ,to visualize, to be independent, to dream and to fly high.

Don't you think that actually they are the examples of people, who actually die at 25 but are buried at 75. Although living in a civilized era,women after marriage are provided with most of the luxuries and happiness, but don't you think somewhere or the other, they are still the mere puppets in the hands of in-laws. Although a married women is given a lot of importance, respect and honour in family, love is showered all over her, but still... don't you think somewhere or the other, they are tortured and harassed under the family's pressure. they might not feel or take it as a pressure, but don't you think that their lives just gets restricted to their children and families only. They can't take time out for themselves.

Although giving birth to children and bringing them up is an integral part of a women's life, but why all this at the cost of draining her own dreams. Doesn't it feel like stabbing ourselves with a knife. Raising up children, living for them, loving them, getting the love back, obviously gives an immense amount of happiness to a women and it can't even be compared to any other happiness in life, but why all this at the cost of her own dreams ?

It isn't that talking against marriages implies that I am against them, instead it is one of the most beautiful bond between two soulmates, until and unless the bond gets converted to a burden.And believe me for the people out there that stop marrying isn't even a way out, as getting married is one of the most amazing feeling in the world. Don't believe me, ask your parents.

Marriage is not only about sex life. It is the example of the purest forms of relationship between two individuals who turn out to be soulmates, who tie a knot to stay together forever and ever and gets entitled to stay together firm and determined in facing every good or bad situation for the rest of their lives. It is about giving each other a personal space and time, sharing feelings, helping one another and loving each other. And apart from all this planning is also one of the essentials of a successful married life.

Just after marriage, a girl leaves her house and enters a new house as a woman. She commences her married life, with hell loads of responsibilities on her shoulders, tries to spread gaity  and smile, with her ever brightening smile and good nature, makes special dishes for almost everyone in the family. So husbands and in-laws also gets a duty to cover, a role to play and yes that is to stand by her always and support her forever.

Just remember girls, a person who doesn't allow you to stand on your own feet, just don't let him stand by you.