Wednesday, 8 July 2015

KNOCK KNOCK: Why don't you show up ??

Just ask yourself have you got any talent to show off, which can enable you to earn money and get fame, then why not show it to the world? Why are you scared of getting on the stage and what are you afraid of, comments from people, what will they think of you and will be making fun of you?, then my friend in that case its the high time you should "STOP OVERTHINKING & START LIVING",before that talent gets ruined.

You have got a passion which you like to change into a profession, then for what are you still sitting and thinking about? Don't care about the world, because people who are against the dream path in life don't deserve anything except the standing ovation of your middle finger.. Don't listen to anyone else and just follow your heart because once a day will come in your lifetime when you will look back or either look at someone and say, 'I wished I could be him/her', but by then the time had gone and yes the time wasted never comes back even for the richest and the fittest.

So, its high time,you must follow what your heart says because no one can play your role better than yourself and why to put yourself in someone else's shoe, when you have got your own abilities that might just enable you to buy a couple of pairs along with the standard bread and butter. Live for yourself, because if someone stops you from doing what you wish, it apparently may be because it isn't their cup of tea or they might have failed in doing so, but that doesn't mean it applies to you as well, does it?

People generally after growing up prospect about their lives and admire, 'I could be this or that', but that is the time when they have lost the will,power,futility,ability and dedication to make that dream come true. All they have now is the fragility in their bones and the ability to get tired very soon by doing almost nothing. And then they are left with no other option except to blame others, that  it is because of them we are like this today or to blame the circumstances that might have prevailed in their lives at an earlier stage, but the result is that they now cant change themselves into what they wanted to be.

But we are living on different terms of life, we are young,we are youth,we have the ability to do better for ourselves and for the world around, People expect from us and we are the ones who have to take up the responsibility of making the world a little more developed,a little more sensible, knowledgeable and a little more practical. And if we don't start working on it today, then my friend it would be really unfair to blame others or the circumstances in the older phase of our lives.

It isn't like that I am being cruel, insensitive or disobeying elderly, instead I am the one whose heart is filled with love, care and respect for them, all I am trying is to chase against the notion of the society that most of the times, remain unchallenged "Babies are born, follow the footsteps of others, and at the dead bed think about a thousand more things/ideas ", but that isn't the right state or frame of time to think so. People generally never try to think out of the box and keeps and keeps on following the path designed for them by someone else, but its the high time now you must ask yourselves and try to find out where do you excel and where you want to carry forward your life to?

At last , all I need to ask is, Will you show up now? Will you put your first step forward now towards chasing your own dreams instead of following the footsteps of others ? 


  1. There you go! Another great post... Loved it! Keep practising and you shall excel.