Monday, 3 August 2015

Friendly Gods : Another Extract from my life

There have always been a set of people apart from your family who have played a commendable part in your lives, who have set themselves faraway from the category of normal people, because of their deeds, their attitude towards you. They might be your relatives, friends, teachers, seniors, juniors, colleagues or just any random person but they must have played a significant part in your life at one point or the other.

In making you what you are today, in realising all your potentials, in making you an optimistic person, sensible human being and much more. Have always played a role of a guide, counsellor or a teacher in your lives. Just like we know from the very young age that God cannot be everywhere, so he created mothers but one cannot simply share everything with their mothers, so god did created few more people for you. Yes he created them and sent them as angels for you, people might call them by any name, but I like to call them as FRIENDLY GODS.

Yes, friendly gods, because for me they are like a combination of God and a friend. Just like a friend can be seen, you share problems with them but every time you can't rely on them to get a solution and  in case of God, he can't be seen but he has got the solution for almost all of our problems. In a similar way, these people can be seen and are the ones on whom you can rely upon every time, who are gonna support you majorily in every action you take or the path you choose. They help you out in every possible way and never stop motivating you for good.

Yes, I call them friendly gods as I had spent the moments of fun and happiness with them, just like I spent it with any other friend. And my friendly gods have always been standing with me in a tough journey called life. These are the special ones who have left a deep mark in my life, by playing remarkable roles in order to make me realise where my talent actually lies, they always believed in me with wholesome trust,showered love on me enormously, never left my side and enabled me to channelise myself in search of a much better version of me.

They have witnessed my best and worst times, happiest and saddest moments, but the moral support from their sides never ended and somewhere or the other it is their blessings and love that has enabled me to reach where I am today and where I would be tomorrow. In every difficult situation, these people were always there to help me out and every impossibility seems possible when people like them are around.

Apart from all this, sometimes moments arrive when they just yell at you, scold you or even make you feel embarrassed, but remember they do that for your good, in order to make you learn from your own mistakes just like parents do for their children. And their main motive is nothing else  apart from seeing you successful, contended and happy.

So, it would just be rude on your side, to overlook these people and not extend the vote of gratitude to them. So this post is dedicated to all those who have played a significant role in my life. So before summing up, I would just like to convey "A BIG THANK YOU,  for being there like always."... 

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