Sunday, 16 August 2015

Revealing the secrets of True Friendship

Most of the people in this world have got friends who will pick them up when they fall, support them if they get distracted or deviated from their paths in life, but luckily we have got some friends who never let us fall. So this is something where I don't feel like mentioning the names of people because all those who have been a part of journey of my life will understand themselves.

As usual, the issues prevail in every other relationship and friendship is one of them and the misunderstandings arrives to check how strong the bond actually is. All those who came in your lives, lived under the name of friends, took your advantage in someway or the other, left one day unknowingly and never tried to reach back, depicts nothing but just a fake friendship is. And yes people out there, surprisingly the worst victims of this disease-'Fake Friendship' are the rich, who now aren't so well off due to some financial losses.That is one of the best times to check, who your true friends  actually are.

And on the other hand, we have got people who never leave our side,always stands with you in every good and bad situation, always there to help you out even in the worst times, motivates you to do your best, explains you like a teacher, plays the role of a guide, a philosopher, a parent, a sibling and never tell something that turns out to be demotivating for you in the long run. These are the ones who never distract you from the path of success, never allow you to get onto the wrong path in life. Yes people, these are the ones who we call our 'TRUE FRIENDS' and they are the ones who 'treat you like a family' - this is where the difference lies.

'True Friends' - Yes a badge, a degree that isn't so easy to earn, you have to work hard, actually really hard, friendship should be the  topmost priority, you should obey your duties and never fail an examination. Yes, people friendship is one of the most beautiful bonds and just like any other bond/relationship, there are a set of duties to fulfil in friendship as well. For all those who are or who have been a true friend to someone will understand about which duties I am talking about.

 And yes there's an examination as well, that is the need of a friend in the difficult times of life and the friend who plays a significant role at that moment is the one who we call a true friend. This is one of the most difficult examinations around the globe since it cannot be cleared just in a single attempt, you have to prove yourself in every other situation whenever the need arises. The levels of friendship are broadly classified as -> ordinary friends, above average friends, good friends, extraordinary friends, best friends, BFF and ultimately culminating upto 'lifelines'.

Although the word friends is almost synonymous with the word 'fun', but in reality the picture is altogether different. Although there's no harm in chilling out with friends, making fun of each other, doing random shitty stuff together, doing pranks on one another, making funny faces, making fun of people. But one must also realise the importance of the duties to be fulfilled, because this is one arena which differentiates you from an ordinary friend from a true friend. A true friend is someone who never hurts you by their words or actions, is always there to stand by you in every ups and downs in life.

True Maturity is understanding each other's point of views, giving one another a definite amount of space, not revealing each other's secrets, listening without interrupting are a set of few necessities that must be present in the bond called true friendship. Otherwise we might just see more and more classical examples of breaking friendship which we usually witness everyday in front of us or in our own lives.

Although it is a sweet bond, where the constraints like 'Thinking before speaking', aren't generally followed and believe me, it isn't even necessary to follow one, since friendship might come with few duties to fulfil but it can never come with boundations since friendship is one such relationship which is by choice and not by compulsion.

Many a times we see that due to one or the other reason, a misunderstanding is created which affects the beautiful bond between two individuals(friends) in numerous ways. And all being teenagers or people from high profiles, one most common scenario which comes into picture is 'EGO CLASHES'. Yes, people EGO is one such thing that is affecting us, it never allows us to admit our own mistakes and we always tend to think that other one is the culprit. We are the ones, who never feel like saying sorry and show attitude for no reason, and that is the point in time when we are heading towards a wrong direction. Just remember people, saying a sorry is never going to lower your self esteem instead it is going to increase love and respect for you in the hearts of the other one and also saves the bond from breaking.

Blaming others is not always the right thing to do, it isn't too late now, just pick up your phone and call all those with whom you aren't on talking terms. So let's keep our ego aside and make the first move. Let's make this world a better place to live for you and for me!!!

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