Saturday, 8 August 2015

An Untitled Post !!

The overbreezes of my heart,
starts on like the Ancient Mariner.
He the evil killed the bird,
And I the devil killed myself.
Not physically but mentally and emotionally
Just not for that silly girl
Who came to drive over my heart,
And strive all my life in pain.
But for that innocent lady,
who deserves to get my lifetime love
in the last moments of her life.
In exchange of the most precious moments,
that she gave me all her life.
She just not taught me how to stand and walk on my own feet,
but she also taught me how to withstand the adverse conditions of life.
I was a mere beginner in life,
before she stood by me and made me an extremediate.
I often misunderstood her,
but she never undermined herself.
The food she made was scrummy,
just like eating a cake so yummy.
She was always as sweet as honey to me,
and I was all the time cruel to her.
She always wanted to made me a good person in life,
but I always thought it as an interference in my life.
In her last days, she was totally quieten
And her body was weakened.
Her face was full of wrinkles.
Her energy decreased extensively,
And she could barely walk......
Once she was taken to hospital,
Days passed, weeks passed...
And she never came back..
Yes my grandmother never came back...

Note:- Value what you have today because once it's gone, it's gone... No powers can ever bring them back.

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