Wednesday, 11 November 2015

LOVE BOREDOM :Revealing the secrets of true love

Yes,  many of the youngsters living in today's world, the civilised era and the modern society, doesn't believe in love at all and have almost replaced it with sex or time for fun. But is it the right path where the youth of our country is heading towards? After witnessing a number of relationships in the very young age, they have almost made the word love synonymous with boredom. And now most of the youngsters feel or consider relationships as relation shits.

Although while reading the blog it might look to you irrational on my part, yes a teenager speaking about all these things who might not know himself what love is. But after witnessing a number of real life examples and not the  reel life, I have gathered enough sense to write a thesis about it, but this isn't what you really need.

True Love isn't about the Public Display of Affections(PDA's) or Public Display of Fuckups(PDF's). It isn't either about the marriages taking between two individuals in the most luxurious ways. It isn't about spending a 15day honeymoon in London, Italy or Rome. Yes True Love isn't about flaunting at all. And most importantly it isn't about faking love or one night stands. Okay, but what true love is ??, a question definitely prevailing in your minds by now.

But do you really think that a nineteen year old boy can teach you what true love is or what all about it is , or even a 60 year old person can? Well, well, well my friends in that case you are taking it in a wrong direction because true love is something that can't be taught, it can only be felt, so accordingly everyone has their own definition of True Love.

As for me, the very first rule about true love is something far far away from showing off and being unreal. True Love is about loving one another without the need of physical pleasures. It is about showering love on one another, giving surprises, bringing smiles upon each other's face, respecting and supporting each other at every point of time and never leaving one another's side even in the toughest moments of life.

True Love isn't restricted to a particular caste, religion, race of a tribe. It has no boundaries. Money is something that matters but not as much as being together does. It is the trust and feelings of one another that holds two individuals together, who don't fear death and sacrifices, who can rely upon each other. It's about being childish, carefree and crazy with each other. It is all about being genuine, open minded and giving space to one another. Being yourself, being real and being truthful plays a vital role in any love story.

True Love is about accepting a person with all their flaws, weaknesses, likes/dislikes. It is about liking the interests of the person and hating the dislikes. And most importantly True Love is something that is always two sided, it can't be forced upon someone by means of betrayal (forceful acts), misuse of power or money. It is about supporting and loving one another unconditionally.

True Love never dies, it is just eternal. People die but their love stories doesn't . It is almost synonym with the true friendship, that it isn't about who came earlier in your lives, it's about who came and never left your side. And love marriages are about the two individuals from simple families marrying in most simple ways following all the rituals, traditions and taking the blessings from elders, without feeling the need to show off.

True Love is something which is over any other feeling in the world. It is an example of the purest and the most phenomenally beautiful bonds which has ever existed. But sadly 90% of the teenagers fail to understand what true love is and confuses them with the temporarily crushes that enter their lives, hook ups and link ups are often mistaken as true love because of which teenagers have to go through bad times, bear the consequences of breakups either by getting into depression or getting their trust over from true love.

So it's the high time, the youth, the teenagers, must realise what True Love is all about and doesn't relate it to crushes and link ups at all because temporary memories aren't supposed to fit in as a part of beautiful memories. So try getting know what True Love actually means to avoid the consequences and to lead a happy blissful life. Although it will take time to understand what all it is actually but once you get to know it, that would surely be a life changing moment and an unforgettable memory for you.


  1. Nice....may we know the name of the inspiration behind this article??!! ;)
    Jokes aside...your article explains the difference between true love and crush, and encapsulates really well how we are losing faith in true love only because we give mere crushes or boyfriends/girlfriends more than their due!

  2. This true love doesnt exist anymore, everything's fake. Chanakya said,people do friendship just because they get some advantage from you.

  3. This true love doesnt exist anymore, everything's fake. Chanakya said,people do friendship just because they get some advantage from you.