Wednesday, 20 April 2016

War Of Two Natures

                            RED & BLUE

Red, the color associated with love, passion, sensuality, romance is also a symbol of vigor, rage, anger, malice, wrath, stress, action and determination, color red at the same point symbolizes blood and the fire, correlated directly to deaths and wars.
On the other hand, blue the color of sky and sea, often associated with depth and stability, it also symbolizes calmness, patience, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, truth and heaven.
Blue is considered to be beneficial to mind and body, whereas red is considered to be injurious to mind and body as it is a disgrace to humanity.

With that ideology in mind, I firmly believe that Red is Red, Blue is Blue and never the two shall meet because wrath and wisdom, rage and calmness, short temper and patience, hatred and love, enemity and friendship can never go hand in hand according to what I perceive or have seen during the past 19 years of my life.
It is often said that a person should keep control on his words in the state of anger because although words don’t have teeth, but when they bite the pain is miserable. Also the words once spoken, can never be taken back.

Always standing firm for the color blue, not because of being a big time Chelsea fan but due to the fact that I believe calmness and patience are the best tools to deal with any crisis. Time heals everything and using calmness followed by silence in a define way is a sure shot to solve any problem and none can stop you from achieving success in life.
Red, which symbolizes danger and stress, portraying a tensed personality, surely symbolizes pessimistic behavior whereas the color blue often associated with in-depth knowledge and stability symbolizes an optimistic person. Just like the two sides of a coin can never be viewed simultaneously and a person can never be introvert and extrovert at the same time. Similarly, a person can either be an optimist or a pessimist, hence red and blue can never go hand in hand.

At this point of time, someone might just come up with the ideal theory of color ‘Magenta’, which is composition of equal proportions of color red mixed with color blue. Magenta symbolizes harmony, unity and what not!!! but my dear readers that is just a fallacy and if you really want to get into reality, just think of a single instance where a wise decision has been taken under the influence of anger. What people, pondering over the slap that took place between Harbhajan and Shreeshant or the ever-going abuses of Virat Kohli.

Just take into consideration, over a number of ruthless acts taking place constantly in the capital of our nation, Delhi. How the number of criminal activities in Delhi led to the transition of DILLI DILWALO KI to DILLI KHOONWALO KI and still you try to say that red and blue can ever re-unite.

We often fail to realize the pain which an individual undergoes, when they witness us in the state of anger, how terrifying it can be for children, how harsh our words might feel to them, after which even the word ‘Sorry’, might not just make a big difference.
Definitely, being surrounded by engineers or coming out from engineering background few of you must be thinking of asking for a practical implementation of the above hypothesis. So my dear friends just take a melamine plate in your hand and break it off on floor, then just say 'SORRY'. Did it get back the way it was before? By this you must have realized that a wise person never takes a decision under the influence of anger and understands the importance of fragile thin thread that strengthens any bond, be it love or friendship.

RED is REDBLUE is BLUE and never the two shall meet.

In the course of the post till this point, I have been comparing the feelings of anger, malice, wrath to patience, calmness and intelligence. I have been trying to showcase that a wise person never tries to use his strength in an exploit manner by taking actions under the influence of anger. An intelligent person never tries to play with the feelings of others and use them for his own benefit.

But now turning to the other side of coin, since red also symbolizes the purity of a relationship and the Red-veil, which symbolizes the auspiciousness of a married women’s life. Definitely in such a scenario , I stand against the topic that red and blue shall never meet, since I too believe that true love in such case that always needs patience, where Red and Blue actually goes hand in hand.
At the same point, living in a westernized era and a modernized world, true love is something that has just been restricted to the novels of one of its kind. And unfortunately, even in the love alias lust stories, nowadays red and blue never go hand in hand because people tend to be more loyal to different bodies than a single beautiful soul nowadays.

RED is REDBLUE is BLUE and never the two shall meet.

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