Monday, 18 April 2016

DREAMS....A Long Journey

Dreams aren't what we see in closed eyes.
Dreams are what that don't let us sleep.
                                                      - Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam



Yes, there are few paths which remain unchased,
Few dreams not fulfilled.
Few roads never walked,
And few goals always remain unaccomplished...

The time is less,
And the choices are many.
We live in reel life,
Instead of real one.
We wish to give less & accept more,
We smile during selfies & never try to know what happiness actually means.
We tend to be social via networking & not by interacting,
We bound love with conditions & forget loving unconditionally.
We try to live in fantasy,
And never experience the true harsh world.

Yes few paths are never taken,
Because our inability to do so, speaks before us.
Before witnessing the problem,
We often get afraid.
We tend to run away,
Instead of chasing or working upon it.
yes, we often give up....

Few dreams are never fulfilled
Not because its impossible to accomplish,
It's because we lack to aspire.
We try to ponder over our flaws,
Instead of working upon them.

Just like the promises are meant to be kept,
Dreams are meant to be achieved.
Like the secrets aren't meant to be revealed...
The true aim isn't meant for showing off.

Along the success journey,
comes many difficulties,
that might just turn,
happiness into miseries
happiness into miseries....

But the feeling of reaching on top, is somewhat special and none can take that away
from you. So, this is what should keep you motivated all the time.
Just remember the hardwork you are putting in today is going to show the results

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